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An LDAP Usuário LDAP user is a user authenticated by an external server using the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) protocol. To configure an external LDAP server, please check topic LDAP Server. To create an LDAP user, click Add Add on the Users tab and select the LDAP item. The window on the next figure is displayed.

Window to create an LDAP user

Window to create an LDAP user

The available options on this window are described on the next table.

Available options on the window to create an LDAP user




Name used for login

Full name

User's full name


User's e-mail


Groups to which this user belongs. Click Groups to select a Group. For more information about Groups, please check topic Groups

Distinguished Name (DN)

A Distinguished Name identifies an object and its location on a tree of objects of an LDAP server

Is administrator

Indicates whether this user is an administrator

Write access

Indicates whether this user has writing access to this Application

Is unique device

Indicates whether this user is allowed to access this Application from a single device. For more information about this option, please check topic Permissions

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