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Fixed a problem of not showing a button to open the window to search for files in Digital or Analog Link fields with properties expecting a figure's file name, as the Picture's FileName property. This bug occurred since v3.2.137.

Now the window Position of Property Window keeps its selection, even when alternating between a Screen and a Screen control. This bug occurred since v1.19.133.

Now users can alternate between uppercase and lowercase (or vice versa) for a root object, Folder, or Resource name without incrementing this name. This bug occurred since v2.5.32.

Fixed the update of the list of recent Files and Domains of the File menu in Elipse Power Studio, when opening an item fails.This bug occurred since v3.0.223.

Fixed a problem in the Close button on the left side of Elipse Power Studio tabs, which could lose mouse clicks. This bug occurred since v3.1.98.

Fixed a memory leak in GDI objects of Elipse Power Studio's Screen editor, which occurred during edition of DrawString object's text.

Fixed a problem in links to Elipse Power Reference and Scripts Manual inside Elipse Power User's Guide not working when this document was opened inside Elipse Power Studio. This bug occurred since v3.2.118.

Fixed a problem in duplicated toolbars when installing a language version different from the previously installed one. This bug occurred since v1.22.71.

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