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Modified the behavior of the AppBrowser to not display folders of the container object, which appears repeatedly on top of the object tree. This avoids, in some cases, generating useless scripts at run time. This bug occurred since v2.0.38.

Improved the behavior of the AppBrowser when generating script expressions for access to objects inside XObject definitions. Thus, it is not suggested anymore the access to other child of the XObject using expressions such as Parent.Parent.Parent.Item(), when could be simply used XObject.Item(""). This bug occurred since v2.0.79.

Corrected the way the AppBrowser worked when used to select object for an ElipseX property. Now this mode takes into account the correct context of the object. Also, the object itself which contains the property does not appear in AppBrowser anymore. This bug occurred since v2.0.38.

The Paste option of the AppBrowser now is disabled in cases where it is useless. Besides, properties and methods of folders do not appear anymore in cases where they are not supposed to appear. This bug occurred since v2.0.38.

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