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A Form Form Control is a representation of a sheet with questions. A server stores the definition of a Form template and the answered questions. On the device the questions contain pre-defined fields and a status that controls the flow edition. When a Form is created, its status is Pending, which means its fields must be filled by a user.

Each Form definition contains a configuration for Administrators and users. Administrators are users that can create a new Form and Users can only fill a Form, without permission to delete it or to create a new one.

When a Form is created, any user or group of users of that Form can attribute to themselves the task to fill it. In this case, the Form enters an Attributed status. In this status, other users cannot edit that Form, to prevent another user or group of users to fill it at the same time.

The template to fill Forms offline is also based on the concept of attribution. When users decide to enter the Offline mode to perform a collect, all Forms attributed to them are stored on their mobile device.

After filled, the Form is automatically sent to the server, if in Online mode, or remains stored until users connect to the server. When the connection is performed, all Forms edited in Offline mode are sent to the server.

After the edition step there is a finishing step. Even when answers are sent to the server, that does not mean the Form is ready. Therefore, a last edition step consists of setting a Form as Finished.

A Form contains an Include review stage option when created, which adds a step after finishing it. This step is only available to Form Administrators and corresponds to the approval of data collect.

To use a Form, configure the options described on the next table.

Available options for a Form Control




Visible text on top of a Form Control


Name of a Form-type Connection of a Form Control


Height, based on the default height of a Control, of a Form


State of a Form Control. Possible values are 0: Pending, 1: Attributed, 2: Finished, or 3: Approved


Allows defining a filter for a field's name of a Form Control


Allows defining a filter for a field's value of a Form Control

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