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Users can no longer hide toolbars from Views on the Customize menu.

Font and font size combo boxes correctly display the values of the selected object. This bug occurred since v5.1.34.

Now users can paste a Link over a property that already contain a Link, then replacing the older one. This bug occurred since v3.1.142.

Position and size of the Manage ActiveX Controls window, as well as the position of its internal splitter, are correctly saved. This bug occurred since v3.5.120.

Fixed an error in Elipse Power Studio when a dimensionless object was pasted in a View. This bug occurred since v5.0.204.

Fixed an error that caused a GPF in Elipse Power Studio when changing the DLL of an I/O Driver. This bug occurred since v5.0.34.

Optimized Tag Browser performance when a Driver exposes a very large list of Tags. This bug occurred since v2.0.7.

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