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Font combo boxes of Elipse Power Studio now have a more suitable size.

Toolbars of Views now split when resizing Elipse Power Studio window only on splitters of each group.

The Edit Grid option is now also available on Elipse Power Studio toolbar as a sub-menu of the Grid option.

Standardized and updated icons and cursors of tools with the same functionality among Screen Views of Elipse Power Studio, E3Chart, and Electrical Modeler.

The buttons of View toolbars are now always visible and the toolbars fit to View size.

Combo boxes of names of objects on script Views now have a more suitable size.

The Object Counting window does not open by default anymore on new installations of Elipse Power Studio.

Now users can navigate among items of a Screen using the keyboard.

The Show in Editor option of the contextual menu of objects places the selected object inside the visible area.

Implemented a system of library packages in Elipse Power.

Added a confirmation message when users try to stop a Domain in Elipse Power Studio, which can be disabled on the Tools - Options menu.

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