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Vertically aligned the text relative to non-availability of Windows XP style on the options of Customize window of Elipse Power Studio.

Standardized fonts for Elipse Power windows to Tahoma. This bug occurred since v3.0.79.

Added a period to the phrase referring to the configuration of restrictions by Absolute Limit on Formula's restriction configuration. This bug occurred since v1.18.147.

The horizontal line of the Classes of objects window of advanced export options for objects now follows this window's width. This bug occurred since v3.2.46.

Fixed the margin for controls on Frame tab of properties of Frameset objects. This bug occurred since v0.1.33.

Fixed a problem on Tag Browser window, in which the text box could be misaligned when resizing it. This bug occurred since v4.0.60.

Fixed problems with truncated texts on Elipse Power.

Fixed the size of fonts on Yes, No, Yes (All), and No (All) windows of Elipse Power. This bug occurred since v4.5.61.

Fixed the size of texts in Elipse Power Studio's opening windows when using a DPI (Dots Per Inch) above 96. This bug occurred since v2.5.126.

Fixed several translation problems on Elipse Power.

Fixed in E3 Tweak the translation of texts of type "Module 'XXX'" to "'XXX' Module". This bug occurred since v4.6.77.

Fixed the enabling of controls on Configuration tab of the Alarm Server in Elipse Power Studio, where options could appear enabled in cases where these options have no effect. This bug occurred since v1.20.235.

Fixed the translation of Elipse Power's Sync Data Objects window title. This bug occurred since v3.5.137.

Fixed the translation of the Measurements column on PowerExplorer's window. This bug occurred since v3.5.137.

Fixed the translation of "Sorting" on type-defining columns on Power Configuration object. This bug occurred since v3.5.95.

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