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Fixed a problem of reversing the order of Tags when several Tags were dragged to an upper position. This bug occurred since v1.0.1.

Fixed a leak on GDI objects when performing a drag-and-drop of items inside a view with EcoListCtrl. This bug occurred since v0.1.26.

When closing an active tab, Elipse Power Studio now correctly selects the last tab that was active previously. This bug occurred since v2.0.39.

Fixed a GPF that may occur in Elipse Power Studio, E3Run, or Elipse Power Viewer x64 when deleting an object and the process uses memory beyond 4 GB. This bug occurred since v3.1.10.

Improved performance of searching in user fields in Elipse Power Studio, which was extremely slow in large applications. This bug occurred since v4.5.114.

On Screen's layer editor, when using the INS key, the new layers added now have an auto-incremented name. This bug occurred since v4.5.51.

Fixed a security vulnerability (ICS-VU-253665) in Elipse Power Studio and in E3 Admin. This bug occurred since v4.5.232.

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