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The Query object does not save the size of the window and the position of the field area splitter in the application anymore. The query's configuration window now has its position and size saved in the computer executing Elipse Power Studio, and the position fo the field area splitter is not saved anymore. This bug occurred since v1.21.164.

Fixed the return of TypeName for Query's Field and Field Collection objects. This bug occurred since v1.19.137.

Changed the behavior of the SQL property in Query object, to allow that the empty value return to the behavior of generating the query text automatically.This bug occurred since v1.19.117.

Fixed the internal notification of changes in Queries, when query variables are overwritten with the same values. This bug occurred since v1.20.237.

Fixed the behavior of Storage queries to return, in the GetADORecordSet method, a Recordset positioned at the first record. This bug occurred since v1.21.76.

Now it is allowed to set the value ftNoFunction at run time in the FunctionType property of the Query. This bug occurred since v1.21.76.

Implemented a notification of change in the Having, SQL, Table, Fields, Where, GroupBy, and OrderBy properties of the Query object, when these properties change indirectly. This bug occurred since v1.19.137.

Fixed a memory leak on Query's configuration window. This bug occurred since v1.21.26.

Fixed problems when updating the preview window of Query configurations. This bug occurred since v3.0.186.

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