Other Corrections

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Other Corrections

Fixed a failure when decompressing REC packages. In case a package was received fragmented on a specific size, this could case a disconnection of the REC channel. This bug occurred since v3.0.9.

Fixed a memory leak occurring in Elipse Power Viewer or in E3Run when a Link containing a String or an Array was activated or deactivated. This bug occurred since v3.0.197.

Fixed a data and time rounding when milliseconds are not displayed. Also fixed a value rounding when displaying only deciseconds or centiseconds.

Fixed a GPF when removing an object from a script, triggered by a user-defined event of the object itself. This bug occurred since v2.0.122.

Fixed a memory leak occurring on server, E3Run, when an object was removed at run time from scripts of the object itself.

Fixed a formatting problem of large time intervals in statistical logs (RUN, UTM, and KTM) of Elipse Power ProcessInfo. This bug occurred since v3.5.179.

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