Drivers and I/O Server

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Drivers and I/O Server

Fixed the I/O Server's registration removal to not fail if the I/O Server was not already registered. This bug occurred since v3.1.1.

Blocked reentrant generation of I/O Driver's OnCommError and OnCommErrorEx events.

Fixed a problem when propagating quality and timestamp of I/O Tags, which occurred before updating Tag's value.

The I/O Tag's Value property now receives Null on scale failure (if the RawValue property has a String-, Null- or Array-type, or if scale configuration is invalid). Previously this property simply retained its previous value.

Fixed a problem in an I/O Block Element's RawValue property, which propagated an 'Empty' value instead of 'Null' when Block was read or deactivated, and the Element's index was invalid (for example, larger than the Block size).

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