Script Editor

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Script Editor

Added new global methods to Elipse Power, available on links and scripts: E3Format, IIf, Choose, BShr, BShl, GetBit, SetBit, OPCIsGood, OPCIsUncertain, OPCIsBad, OPCGetLimit, OPCSetLimit, OPCGetSubStatus, OPCSetSubStatus, OPCGetQuality, OPCSetQuality, OPCGetVendor, OPCSetVendor, OPCMakeQuality, and GetComputerName. The following methods are only available in scripts: GetLocalTime, GetLocalTimeUTC, and GetCurrentWindowsUserName.

Added an optional parameter to the AddObject method to inform a name for the object.

The Script Editor does not color expressions or word started by REM anymore.

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