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Since its foundation in 1986, Elipse Software is developing powerful tools to create industrial and power management systems.

Headquartered in Porto Alegre and with branches in São Paulo, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, and Taiwan, Elipse Software is a Brazilian company with an expressive participation in the external market, with business partners in countries such as Germany, India, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, and Chile, among others.

During these years of experience, we developed a large number of solutions for areas such as power generation, transmission, and distribution, providing products to create systems such as control centers, telemetry, substation automation, protection supervisory, transformer automation, protocol converters, and load shedding.

Elipse Power is a complete platform to create and develop applications with supervisory, control, analysis, and management functions for electrical systems, and it can be used for small applications, such as automating a single substation, as well as for large applications, such as EMS (Energy Management System) or DMS (Distribution Management System) systems.

All the expertise acquired with the power sector, combined with the new concept of Smart Grids, was used to develop a specific product for the electrical power market.

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