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Added the Connection Security and Authentication Method options on the configurations of SMTP server.

Added an example Form on the demonstration application.

Create a new Form application with an example of inspecting telecommunication towers.

Now users can inform an e-mail to sysadmin and the server uses that e-mail to send information about the system for that general administrator. Also created a configuration to send e-mails separately.

Updated the OpenSSL library to version 1.1.1d and the E3Connection library to version 5.5.79.

Updated the script to generate a self-signed certificate.

Improvements on HTTPS performance and increased the time-out of Keep Alive from 5s to 50s.

Added an option to test e-mail configuration.

Removed the Arduino via Serial-type of connection.

Starting with version 1.5.163, the server now blocks connections from clients with versions equal or previous to version 1.5.155.

Now all Trend-type Tags are activated during server initialization.

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