Version 1.2

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Version 1.2


Added block readings on the Web Client.

Controls on Client Applications now fill their backgrounds.

Clients now also have versions in French and Traditional Chinese, in addition to English and Portuguese.

The Web version now selects the language based on the current browser settings.

Fixed a problem with the HTTPS protocol identified in stress tests.

A small change in the management of product keys. Now users can create or edit more users than the number of available product keys. However, these additional users cannot perform a login.

The Server was updated and optimized to execute on cloud services.

Fixed a problem with read-only fields on the Configurator.

Changed the format for data and configuration files to the JSON format. The import process is automatic.

Added a protection on the Server for Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

Created an option on the Server to disable SSL3-type of connections and only allows TLS connections.

Fixed a problem when sending an e-mail to multiple users.


Windows Client

Fixed a formatting problem when the Decimals option was negative.

Fixed a duplication problem with the User Agent String.


Android Client

Replaced the connection procedure to fix problems with HTTPS certificates.

The About and Settings menus were separated.

Changed the login screen to comply with other clients.

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