Protection Devices and Product Keys

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Protection Devices and Product Keys

The next items refer to how the available product keys work on protection devices (hardkeys or softkeys) for Elipse Mobile.



Protection devices and product keys only apply to the Elipse Mobile On-Premises version of Elipse Mobile Server.


The administrator user does not use any product key.

A Server's product key does not have any limitations on Tags or Connections.

To check whether a protection device contains product keys for Elipse Mobile, select the About About option on the main menu. The window that opens informs server and client versions, whether a protection device was recognized, the number of product keys available, and all active sessions.

Without using a protection device, Elipse Mobile can be executed in Demonstration mode. The limitations of this mode are the following:

Communicating with two I/O Tags

Creating only one user in addition to the administrator

Using only one Form with a single question

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