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A Chart Chart Control adds a trend chart to an application. The available options for this control are described on the next table.

Available options for a Chart




Visible text on top of the Chart


Chart's height, based on the default height of a Control


Allows adding pens to a Chart. Please check the next table for more information about the available options for pens


Minimum and maximum values for a Chart's scale, separated by semicolons


Time interval displayed on the Chart, such as 1d (one day) or 60s (sixty seconds)


Available options for pens



Add Add

Adds a new pane on the list of pens of a Chart Control

Edit Edit

Edits the selected pen

Remove Remove

Removes the selected pen


The available options when selecting the Edit Editar option are described on the next table.

Available options for the Edit option




Visible title of a pen


Tag providing the value to display on a pen. Click Tag to select a Tag


Color of a pen. Click Color to select a pre-defined color or to define a new color



Chart data is stored in memory on the server and the limit of data stored is currently 86400 points, which is equivalent to approximately one day.


The Chart Control can be moved on the Browser version using the mouse, and the zoom operation can be performed by using the combination SHIFT + Mouse wheel. Zoom for the time scale can be performed with the mouse on the center of the Control or on the time scale. To perform a zoom on the vertical scale, place the mouse over that scale.

On mobile devices with a touch screen, users can perform a zoom by using a two-finger pinch gesture. This gesture can be executed on the scales or on the center of the chart. To move a chart, hold and drag it over a scale.

The Chart Control has two modes, Live and Static. The Live mode is activated when the local computer or device time is inside the period displayed on the chart. In this mode, the Chart moves and displays the last period. The Control's upper left corner shows an indication of this mode.

When changing the visualization period and if the current time is outside the chart area, then the Control leaves the Live mode and enters the Static mode. This mode is useful to analyze details on the chart without a moving Control.

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