PWA Application

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PWA Application

Elipse Mobile Client also supports installation as a PWA (Progressive Web App) application. Installing a PWA application is performed directly on a browser, and to do so the server must be HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). The differences between a PWA application and a client installed on iOS or Android are the following:

A PWA application is 100% web, while a client can be hybrid. For example, the QR Code reader of a PWA application is implemented on the web, while the client implements the same functionality using native plugins of the operating system

A PWA application is automatically updated by the browser, because it is linked to a server

A PWA application does not depend on publishing an update to the store to be updated, just update the linked server

The login image, name, and icon of a PWA application can be customized on a mobile device and on desktop


The next topics contains examples of procedures to install a PWA application on Windows or on mobile devices.



The installation procedures described next may vary depending on the operating system and browser version.

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