Advanced Settings of an E3 Connection

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Advanced Settings of an E3 Connection

In addition to the settings available on the E3 Connection Settings window, users can also edit the file e3.json, which is available on the installation directory of Elipse CloudLink, and include a list of Tags (a white list) that can be read. To do so, edit the list of Tags in the read-white-list property and add the enable-read-white-list property with a true value, according to the next example.

  "server" : "",
  "username" : "",
  "password" : "",
  "read-white-list" : [ "Data.DemoTag1", "Data.DemoTag2" ],
  "enable-read-white-list" : true,
  "enable-auto-login" : true,
  "enable-write" : false


This list allows that only the indicated Tags are sent by Elipse CloudLink, without allowing users to select other Tags on the online application. That creates an extra layer of security, because even if a user with access to the online application cannot read Tags other than the ones allowed on this list, which is only edited on the local machine and never online.

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